About Us: All You Need To Know About RussianGirlsBrides

What do you usually rely on when choosing something on the web? Reviews, costs, or maybe looks? Things work in a similar way with online dating, but they are a bit more complicated. The difference is you’re going to share more info, pay for membership for some period, and get a girlfriend or a wife, and not just a teapot. Simply put, it’s just more serious.

The team of RussianGirlsBrides is here for you to make that serious dating thing less complicated. We are young, ambitious, and pretty dedicated people who are looking for the best dating sites and websites with Slavic mail order brides, analyze them considering tons of criteria, test them, compare them, and draw our conclusions. Of course, we share this knowledge with you.

How do we earn money?

Yes, we pay salaries and have other expenditures on our own site. We also provide all the information we get after analyzing hundreds of websites on the web for free — anyone can visit this site and access any piece of content without paying anything. That’s the reason why we cooperate with dating sites and promote them. We get paid after a user visits the dating site by following the link here, creates an account, and makes the purchase. It may influence the website’s rankings, too. This, however, is not the only thing that we consider when working on our lists of top sites and reviews.

How the reviews on RussianGirlsBrides are created

What we do is huge research of the features of the site and anything that was ever said about the platform. We look for all the information available on the web, test the platform ourselves, and compare it. We want our info to be the most relevant one, and that is why we put a lot of effort into creating our honest reviews.

What criteria do we usually consider

There are dozens of criteria that you can (and should) analyze when reviewing a dating website or a mail-order bride site. And we actually do it for our readers. However, some of them are definitely more important, and they mostly determine the website’s “grade.” What are they? Let’s take a look.

  1. Attendance. The number of visitors, as well as the number of people who stay on the site and people who leave it, matters a lot because that shows how good the user experience actually is. We use services like Semrush and Ahrefs to find out what the real figures are and how popular the website is.
  2. Trustworthiness. We not only use the site ourselves (yes, we create accounts and test services) but also pay a lot of attention to other members’ opinions published on social networking sites and platforms like sitejabber.co, influenster.com, etc. We find all reviews, all posts, everything about the site that was ever published to realize how good the site is for others and what its main pros & cons are.
  3. Design and interface. Our designers know how to distinguish a good website from a poor-quality one. That’s why they join platforms too and evaluate the design, navigation, and ease of use.
  4. Who the members are. Why join the site without any attractive members with detailed profiles? Our sociologists take a closer look at the community and its members, find out what the average age and the gender ratio are, and look through profiles to understand if most users can meet the common criteria of other singles looking for relationships and if there is enough personal information.
  5. Customer support services. We want the support team to be fast, polite, and professional. That’s why we always test support services.

Though we don’t review all dating sites on the web, we test all the most popular platforms carefully. Our team considers plenty of different criteria paying special attention to the most crucial ones to provide you with the relevant information on the website that you may want to join.