The Issue Of Mail Order Wives & Girlfriends In The Online Dating

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Our friends:

All single men who believe that they can meet the right person in another country have two options to choose from. They can join an international dating site or choose a website with mail-order brides. Which option is actually better? It’s up to you.

Which option is actually better: dating site or a website with mail-order brides

Global dating sites are like regular dating sites, but they connect you with singles worldwide. Generally speaking, such a website can help you find a partner for anything, from casual sex to marriage, but the truth is the vast majority is looking for long-term relationships there. It’s just not the most important condition for joining such a site.

Mail order bride platforms, in their turn, focus on helping people to find their future spouses. Your readiness (personal and financial) to start a family is a must to join the niche dating websites. Ladies on such platforms are ready to marry foreign guys, and guys want to get married to foreign ladies. No casual sex, no short-term dating — it’s about serious relationships.

Which one to choose? We have reviews of the best dating and niche mail order bride sites here, so check them out and make your choice!

There are lots of women interested in the issue of mail-order bride services. You can read thousands of mail-order bride site reviews and find no truth there. That’s why I decided to share my personal experience. Dear foreign ladies, get ready for the amazing journey into the world of online dating!

Tips for mail-order brides on dating sites

The first thing the majority of women thinks about is their safety. It is not easy to become one of those order brides online. You should be aware of the site you register on because you provide your personal information. Never forget about scammers or identification theft. To avoid such a situation, look at the following issues concerning a website:

  1. Interface. A good website always has a user-friendly interface and characterized by the ease of navigation. Even if you just started using the Internet, you will hardly have any troubles. Consider how comfortable the site is for you.
  2. The security of the users. It is essential to make sure that your personal data is protected and no one can get access to it. There are security certificates and protocols used on such resources. There are sites, which additionally apply federal laws. Thus, you will be sure that you’ll never become a victim of scammers. Look for the detailed information on the issue in the Privacy Policy and Terms of the website
  3. Customer support. There are definite problems, which can occur at any time. The reasons might be various. For instance, you suspect your account being hacked; a man is impolite/rude, etc. In any case, you require a quick response from the support team.
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Even if you are sure to use only the best mail-order brides sites, it is required to be careful and keep to the definite rules to feel safe and sound:

  • Never share your personal information with other people you don’t really know. Even if you decide to organize a real meeting, it’s better to prefer a public place. Don’t give your address or any other sensitive data.
  • When you start communicating with a man, try to find him on Google to get more information. Thus, you will know him better and make sure he is not a cheater.
  • Be attentive and smart. Use your common sense when looking at profiles. The majority of fake accounts has no or a few photos and only several friends.
  • Do not wait for too long before meeting in real life. It is easy to hide secrets and pretend to be someone else when you are online. Even if you cannot meet because of the distance, you can try Skype or other ways of communication.
  • Be on the alert when everything is too good. Well, everyone tries to seem a better person. However, problems, disputes, misunderstandings, and disagreements still occur in real communication. If everything is too ‘sweet’, it is a disturbing signal.
  • Trust your intuition. As a woman, I always have a strong feeling when something seems to go wrong. There might possibly be no obvious reasons for it. However, our intuition never lies. So trust yourself.

Why should you become a foreign bride for marriage: online world vs reality

Russian mail-order brides are very popular among Americans and boys from other countries with a well-developed economy. The benefits for them are actually obvious. We are beautiful, polite, sincere, unpretentious, and look for real love with serious intentions. But what are the benefits for mail-order wives?

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I heard from many girls that they are afraid of being neglected and dependent on a man with money. Dear ladies, everything depends only on you and your choice. If you have strong intentions to find mutual love and a real person to marry him for the family creation, if you give true information about your personality, and if you use dating websites in the right way, you will definitely find your happiness. At least, I did it and now feel very happy together with my honey.

Let’s look at the advantages of dating online compared to traditional dating:

  • A chance to improve your living conditions
  • An opportunity to live abroad
  • Higher social status (well, it depends, but in the majority of cases, men are wealthy)
  • A chance to find your soulmate
  • Less time spent on dating and partners who are not ready for a family.

Besides, it is really romantic when you cannot meet and have to write or talk. Both of you will be impatiently waiting for a real date.

Brides dating site for people over 60

Age is another important issue to consider. Many people think such sites are created only for young and beautiful ladies. Do not be so dull! Everything in the world is changing. Mail-order bride websites are created to find true love and a partner for the rest of your life. And you may need one at any age.

Besides, if we speak about reliable resources, they are unlikely to accept the profiles of too young girls because it is obvious they are not ready for a family. In most cases, they just want money. Websites with a good reputation do not want their clients to be cheated or scammed.

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The majority of men registering on mail-order bride sites refers to the 35-60 age group. Thus, even elderly ladies can try to find love. There is nothing shameful at all. All the people using such resources understand that nobody wants to be alone.

A profile for a Russian mail-order wife

There is nothing difficult in the creation of a profile. The only important thing is to be honest. I’ve prepared a few tips for you to have a good start:

  • Write a unique description. Here I mean an ‘About me’ section. People judge you depending on how and what you can say. Be creative and interesting to capture the attention.
  • Select the photos wisely. It is necessary to pay attention to the quality but the pictures should not obligatory be professional. They must be genuine. Also, limit their number.
  • Write your real purposes. Think about who you are looking for and why. Be short, clear, and honest.
  • Do not search for a perfect person. All of us have various ideals. But we are not perfect as well as the rest of the people. Be more moderate and never write huge lists of features you need in a man. Just select the most important ones.
  • Be informative.Answer all questions in a questionnaire and fill in all the forms required.

Dating online on brides dating sites or not?

It is only your decision but I’d recommend you at least to give it a try. You never know where your destiny is waiting for you. Sometimes he lives amongst your locals but there are lots of cases when girls find their happiness abroad.

No doubt that online dating has certain disadvantages:

  • People may lie
  • It may look like a job for some women
  • It is often difficult to meet in real life.

If you use reliable sites, have the right aims, and are ready to spend some time, those cons are ridiculous.

Are foreign brides for marriage a waste of time?

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This is one more frequently asked question. From my personal experience, I should say it really works. If I managed to find true love, you can do the same. Are you ready to spend a few months (or possibly less time) to become a happy woman for the whole life? I bet you are. Well, it is not a waste of time at all.


Hope that now you see that mail-order bride websites are not dangerous at all. They are beneficial for everyone regardless of gender, age, race, religion or interests. Take a chance and start looking for your perfect match without worries.